vendredi, septembre 02, 2005

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | New Orleans rocked by huge blasts

Complètement fou! Heart breaking!

How about dropping food\water from planes...would that have prevented people from going crazy and using their guns? If you notice, most people in trouble are African Americans. This looks like uncovering the poverty the US hides. It looks likes scenes from Soudan or Ethopia. Poverty, guns, no education and Katrina,,,, not a good mix.


Blogger Flamingo Jones said...

I lived near New Orleans for a year, and the poverty was absolutely crippling. But the government likes to keep that a secret, and not let the rest of the world see THAT.

I think it's a "Do as we SAY, not as we DO," sort of thing.

8:07 PM, septembre 04, 2005  

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