vendredi, novembre 11, 2005

BBC’s Alan Partridge

This guy is just freaking hilarious. Not politically correct, totally absurd, dark, sarcastic and British.
You can click here for a couple of excellent clips:

Here are some Alan Partridge Hot Topics:
Who is the best Lord?
- Lord of the Rings
- Lord of the Dance
- Lord of the Flies
The avalanche of strong opinion included: "Well I enjoyed the Hobbit more than Riverdance and I think lots of boys on an island killing a fat boy is not so enjoyable as Gandalf with a long white beard." Well said that caller.
Which is the most effective shape of tea bag?
- Pyramid
- Circular
- Square

His page on the BBC; (plenty of video clips, audio clips and pictures… really excellent)


Anonymous Anonyme said...


11:46 PM, novembre 11, 2005  
Anonymous Patrick said...

très drôle!!

1:16 AM, novembre 12, 2005  

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