mardi, novembre 15, 2005

Q&A with America’s Army free online game…..

I guess it makes sense. Does it?
But it’s still very weird.
If they recruit in shopping malls and at county fairs… why not the internet? Very young kids will be playing this game. I’m not sure we would approve if we saw America’s Army in front of the Toys R Us.

Extracts from their QA page:
Q: Why are you doing the game?
A: … it is part of the Army's communications strategy…The Army's game is an entertaining way for young adults to explore the Army and its adventures and opportunities as a virtual Soldier.

Q: Is this a recruiting tool?
A: … it provides young adults and their influencers with virtual insights about the Army…

Q: Does the game encourage players to kill other game players?

A: Violence merely for the sake of violence is not part of the Army and therefore is not rewarded within the game.

Q: At one stage of the game, players are instructed on the fundamentals of basic rifle marksmanship. Does this teach young adults how to shoot a weapon?
A: …there is no way that manipulating a keyboard and mouse, as players do in the Army's game, can provide vital cues on key elements of marksmanship…

Q: How do I initiate contact with an Army Recruiter?
A: … game there are web links through which players can connect to the Army of One homepage.

Q: Could someone learn to save a life with the Medics module?
A: ...players are learning some basics of lifesaving.


Anonymous gérald said...

très drôle

2:17 AM, novembre 16, 2005  

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