jeudi, mars 02, 2006

Spore.... finalement...un VRAI jeu

WOW! C'est intense comme truc... d'amibe à ....... vaisseau spatial. Les gens un peu partout en ligne le disent que ca sera le meilleur jeu de tous les temps. Vous pouvez glisser le pointeur du vidéo pour aller voir plus voir l'évolution... fascinant!

"you evolve from unicellular organism through Sim-Life through a third person survival game for an advanced organism to small tribes in Populous to civilised cities like Sim City to inter-city rivalry Civilization to planet-hopping a la Alpha Centauri or Elite to star-hopping with your UFO and visiting other planets, to having an entire galaxy to explore. (This is where you exclaim Holy shit!)

The sheer level of detail is utterly stunning. It's the most complete god sim ever, pretty much. The presentation is 35 minutes long, but it's fascinating stuff and well worth sticking with if only to see how the game developer gets his own back at creatures which hunted his pet species beforehand, as well as why you shouldn't fire lasers at friendly UFOs. :D" from here.